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Building (or Re-building) Your Personal Brand to Get the Success You Want


I’ve interviewed hundreds of people, maybe even thousands, over the past 25 years. The people who advance in the process are, generally speaking, ALL qualified, however, the people who get hired are interesting. Boring people, in boring interviews, with boring sales pitches, and boring conversations do not get hired, make the sale, or make connections. Stop being boring and get noticed.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the 7 Critical Components of a Personal Brand

  • Complete a Personal Brand Audit and Determine What It Means

  • Score your brand and learn powerful tools close gaps and identify blind spots

  • Put a brand strategy in place to make you unstoppable


Polished is a 6 week group coaching course that allows you access to 6 weekly e-learning courses, six weekly learning activities, and six weekly 1 hour live group coaching sessions.


Week 1:What is a personal brand and what it is not.

Activity: Personal Brand Audit


Week 2: How to assess, determine and rate your personal brand

Activity: What is your Brand Score?


Week 3:How to enhance, improve or reconstruct your brand

Lesson – 5 Steps to Change


Week 4: Developing and Executing Your Brand Strategy

Activity: Action Plan Development


Week 5: Developing and Executing Your Brand Strategy

Activity: Action Plan Execution


Week 6: Showing Up for Yourself

Activity: Reassessment of Brand Score


Weekly 1 hour group coaching held on Wednesdays from 1pm-2pm CST. Questions may be submitted ahead of coaching session to



  • Build or rebuild your personal brand (that’s right – YOU are so valuable, you need to be branded… on YOUR terms) and get crystal clear on what you bring to the table.


  • Discover and CHANGE the level-up killers that keep you stuck.


  • Learn the power of story and how to tell YOUR powerful story for the maximum impact.


  • Leave knowing exactly what you need to do to move forward through Power Packed Next Steps that will change the Game for you.

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