After 25 years of climbing the career ladder, I found myself having to take several steps in the opposite direction. It was at that moment I realized I needed to shift my perspective in order to live in my purpose. In an instant, I went from consulting mid-career managers and leaders at all levels to being told that I was operating at a level, too high, for my current pay grade and I needed to “come down to the level of my new job”.
How do you un-learn 25 years of leadership skills? In short, you don’t! I quickly realized that I needed to shift my perspective in order to live in my purpose. In doing so, I found my super-power was being a source of guidance for those on the journey of self-discovery. 
We all want to live a life of abundance and purpose. Through coaching and consulting, we will take an introspective look within to help you critically assess your strengths and develop a strategic plan to overcome your weaknesses and create the life, career or business you love.


My Mantra

Inspired to inspire.

When we pour out our gifts, not only are others filled, but we are also replenished.

Ready to live the Falala Life? 

Join our growing network of passionate people shifting their perspective to find (and live) their purpose.



“Shift your perspective and find your purpose.”

Tonya Hill Allen

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