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You tried it on your own...

and it didn’t work.

But that’s why you’re here right?

As your life coach, I will create a strategic plan to help you gain clarity, pinpoint and prioritize your goals. Together we will work to shift your perspective in order to maximize your unique strengths and live a life of purpose. 

what clients say

Catherine Treadwell

WOW! My entire work and personal life perspective was resurrected due to your coaching proficiency.  I did not feel I would benefit from guidance until I tapped into unrealized strengths and gifts discovered through your coaching. 


Clarissa L. Kenty

I was at a crossroad when I made a 911 phone call to Tonya! I knew the year 2020 was coming and I knew I was certainly not interested in living these next 50 yrs of my life like I did my last. I knew what to do but was at a loss on how to navigate into my new norm. Tonya was gentle yet tough, direct yet caring which was everything I needed to catapult me into my new phase of life. I am now stronger, wiser, and more determined than I’ve ever been. The amazing thing about this program is that I experienced instant results. I didn’t have to wait until the program was over. Literally, I was making weekly quantum leaps. If you want to reset yourself and become the best version of you that you can possible be, give Tonya a call! I’m so glad I did and YOU WILL BE TOO!!!!

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